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Download Link:
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Don't need instructions, its pretty simple. You will understand...

This is a screenshot of the champion setup screen.
[Image: wkgsn6.jpg]
Have a nice day.

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Wonderful bot, thanks for the download link.

It's been working for the past day fine for me, I am making so much gold! Smile
wow nice i looked every where 4 this
[Image: my%20banner.jpg]
ummm but the link is broken could you plz re-upload it?
[Image: my%20banner.jpg]
I Found A Working Link >
Make Money Online ~ Just Click Banner.

[Image: banner9]
this bot just work in top 1 =/
Well i actually use this not only for lvling characters but also boats! It has a very friendly use but some things you should consider. Such as turning off camera tweaks (if u don't have, google it), gaming with a certain resolution, etc. For those who have original settings off the game, it's just select script, configure type of attacks and skills, amps and, if low lvl, hp recoveries. Press start and ur made. But, always one, if u get caught you face the consequences to that, because although not illegal, it's just anti gamming and not allowed. I've seen hunting packs for these botters. They don't win a thing except your spot (normally winter isle spots) and start botting themselves, so my advise is for you to avoid botting through the night in places with high probability to get caught. Will post some spots for the bot, winter one's. On the same post i'll tell you how and where can you create/import those scripts if you still have any doubt.
Link dead. Could you post a new 1?
If u can't seem to use the link that they posted here's mine already with the scripts refered below.

LOL forgot i posted that, so here's some scripts for winter red stones, chimeras and beasts. - Beasts on Snow Kara - Frozen Chimeras on Snow Kara - Red Stones on Icy Lake Island - South of harbour - Red Stones on Icy Lake Island - after bridge to the East

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