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Tales of Pirates Manufacturing Guide
Manufacturing Guide

1. Whats the use
2. What do we need
3. Getting in our own business
4.Manufacturing Time
5. Blueprints
6. Repairing our tool

1. Whats the use?

For starters, Manufactures are kind of helpful and useful things in ToP, they help you in countless situations, for pk, for hunting, for farming and for other kind of "key" things you might need to do eventually in your ToP experience.

2. What do we need?

First of all, you will need some Life Skill points which you get from the the Story Quest.
So lets check this guide for it.

-Story Quest-

Note: You don't need to do the whole quest, just get enough points for the level you need.

You need, before Manufacture, to get Woodcutting. Which can be bought @Argent[2230,2730] with Grocer - Jimberry, Grocer - Amos, Grocer Palpin, any of them.

Once you have the Woodcutting skill, you can buy in those same Grocers the Lv1 Manufacturing Guide. When you use it, you will get a Black Hole Crystal which is needed to Manufacture.

To get your Manufacturing level up you will need Lv2-7 Manufacturing Guides, you can get them @Icicle[1370,590] in Fairy Merchant.


Lv2 Manufacturing Guide: 10 Fairy Coin

Lv3 Manufacturing Guide: 50 Fairy Coin

Lv4 Manufacturing Guide: 300 Fairy Coin

Lv5 Manufacturing Guide: 10 Elven Signet

Lv6 Manufacturing Guide: 50 Elven Signet

Lv7 Manufacturing Guide: 300 Elven Signet

Lv7 is the higher you can get, dont worry, you dont need more, there only exist up to lv7 Manufacturing Blueprints, so we are doing good with this.

After getting your skill up to the level you want you will need a Fairy, worry not, any kind of them will do. And get also Standard Pet Manufacturing Skill for your pet. My advice is to buy a brand new Fairy so you won't screw your main pet skills.

Now we will need just the Blueprints.

3. Getting in our own business

We have to keep in mind that our goal is to level up our tool, and we will do so by making manufactures.

Tool Leveling Equation (applies for any kind of tool):

Next Level = Actual Level x Actual Level x 100

Which means that from Lv1 to Lv2 you need 100 Experience Points, from Lv2 to Lv3 you need 400 Experience Points, from Lv3 to Lv4 you need 900 Experience points and so.

Theres a nice spot where you can get 70% of your resources. It is @Argent[1810,2470] Lv13 Oyster.

Why? Because they drop Blurry Blueprints, which you will need to start your Manufacturing, actually most mobs bellow lv15 drop Blurry Blueprint, but here the spot is so good and...

Oysters drop:

- Blurry Blueprint
- Great Conch Fragment
- Flowery Conch
- Pure Water

This ones are the only ones we need to start, because we won't make manufactures we won't use to keep leveling our tool up.

Why do we need this items?

Well, when you get to open Blurry Blueprints, you will only focus in this Manufacturing Blueprints:

- Ship Accelerator Lv1: for this you need mostly Flowery Conch, by Lv13 Oysters @Argent[1810,2470]. This item makes you move faster on sea.

- Ship Atomizer Lv1: for this you need mostly Great Conch Fragment, by Lv13 Oysters @Argent[1810,2470]. This item makes you move faster on sea.

- Ship Flamer Lv1: for this you need mostly Pointed Goat Horn, by Lv14 Wacky Lamb @Argent[1730,2650]. This item damages units on sea, think of it like a Lightning Curtain for a single target.

- Ship Penetrator Lv1: for this you need mostly Razor Sharp Beak, by Lv13 Shark Beak @Icicle[1100,940]. This item hits the target and lowers its defense, for sea only.

- Hull Repair Lv1: for this you need mostly Wolf Claw, by Lv11 Wolf Cub @Shaitan[1550,3480]. This item repairs your ship on sea, in other words, heals your ship, it's like a cake for your ship.

- Food Generation Lv1: for this you need mostly Wolf Fang, by Lv11 Wolf Cub @Shaitan[1550,3480]. This item recovers your ship fuel on sea.

- Soul Detector Lv1: for this you need mostly Pure Water, by Lv13 Oysters @Argent[1810,2470]. This item works as True Sight skill, with a lower range, but its very effective.

- Flash Bomb Lv1: for this you need mostly Pure Water, by Lv13 Oysters @Argent[1810,2470]. This item stuns all targets in area for like 1s. Works for escaping and assaulting. Use wisely.

- Mirage Generator Lv1: for this you need mostly Slightly Poisonous Thorn, by Lv15 Gigantic Melon @Shaitan[1370,3230]. This item makes your ship untargetable and invincible for 5s. Works for sea bossing.

Now, there are another two items we need:

Ash Wood Strip: by getting 99 Ash Wood Logs @Argent[2260,2710] to Wood Processing Merchant, he will give you 20 Ash Wood Strips.

Ash Wood Log Farming Spots:

- @Argent[2120,2740] 1 Defoliate Pine
- @Argent[2140,2690] 1 Defoliate Pine
- @Argent[2170,2660] 2 Defoliate Pine
- @Argent[2220,2640] 1 Defoliate Pine
- @Argent[2260,2660] 1 Defoliate Pine

Elven Fruit: you can get them killing the Lv1 Mystic Shrubs around Argent, you don't need coords for them.

Also have some Fairy Coins with you because every Manufacturing process cost some Fairy Coins. Keep that in mind.

4.Manufacturing Time

We have all the items needed, so it's time to get our rewards for our hard, annoying, boring and tiring work.

Head @Shaitan[880,3450] to Substance Generator.

[Image: subsgen.png]

Main Item: the ones you get from the mobs. Like Pure Water, Flowery Conch and so.

Second Item: simply as Wood, Ash Wood Strip in our case.

Third Item: the Elven Fruits, think of them as the Fairy food when youre Manufacturing ;P. Those can also be Compressed Energies and some Metals gotten in Fairy Merchant, just read the third line of your blueprint to know which one you need.

Tool: Black Hole Crystal

Blueprint: the one you get when you double click the Blurry Blueprint.

Fairy: seriously? Well, the only thing to say here is your Fairy must be same level or higher than your tool.

Result: here will appear our Manufactured item if we are successful.

5. Blueprints

There also exist 3 more clases of Blueprints:

- Encrypted Blueprint: FC1, every monster here drops it, so its the best place to farm them, but you will need a Lv45 character. Come on, its worthy, so do it. If you refuse with all your strength to farm here, ok, theres another nice spot. Go Canary Isle and kill Lv30 Jack the Pirate's Sailor, it originally has a 5% drop rate.

- Sealed Blueprint: i dont care what people say, theres just one single spot to farm this. You can farm the Sealed Blueprints at the Lv55 Guardian Angel( they have a 1% Drop Rate)

- Invocation Blueprint: what? do you really think this will be easier? Haha!!! Erhm... Ok, for real now, the best place in the entire ToP world to farm this is in Thundoria Mirage with the Lv85 Pumpkin Death Warrior, mainly it has a 0.15% drop rate for this blueprints.

6. Repairing our tool

Well, this is not so much pain.

Repair Tool Lv2 blueprints are gotten from the Encrypted Blueprints. The items needed varies on the blueprint:

- Repair Tool Lv2: Fake Documentation (Lv20 Smuggler @Argent[1680,3050])
- Repair Tool Lv2: Mystic Pen Head (Lv20 Smuggler @Argent[1680,3050])
- Repair Tool Lv2: Frosty Heart (Lv29 Fragile Snow Doll @Icicle[860,810])

You need Birch Wood Strip for all this Manufacture Blueprints, you can get them trading to the Wood Processing Merchant again, getting Birch Wood Logs from:

- @Argent[570,2450] 1 Lavander Core Wood
- @Argent[570,2500] 1 Lavander Core Wood
- @Argent[620,2500] 1 Lavander Core Wood
- @Argent[640,2480] 1 Lavander Core Wood

You won't need more than 20 Birch Wood Strips, so just farm 99 Birch Wood Logs.

And! Some items from the Fairy Merchant again. Any of them, depending on the blueprint.

- Pressurized Metal: 3 Elven Signet
- Solid Metal: 60 Fairy Coin
- Compresses Energy I: 60 Fairy Coin

Pretty neat, Huh
Advice: to avoid the huge pain of having to use a Repair Tool Lv3 at early stages, i suggest you to use Repair Tool Lv2 just before it levels up, around the 390-395 Experience Points.

To use the Repair Tool you need to go to Furnance of Immortality behind Ditto at Argent or at Spring Town.

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