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Tales of Pirates Money Guide
Here is a money guide:

Mentor and Disciple

When you reach over lvl 41, you can take in disciples! Train them to 41 so you get a big rep boost and help them do the 2nd job advancement so you can take in another disciple. With the rep, exchange them for credits and buy rations then sell them. You can also spin the credits wheel of fortune for 135 credits. In 2 turns, I got 2 chipped gem of rages (at that time they were in it). Each disciple from lvl 8 - 41 will give you about 1700 rep and that will give you around 60 credits (I think).

Pirate clubs

If you are high lvl, you can make your own club and level others for nice rewards
You can also join a pirate club for rewards. Make a new character and get them to lvl 65 and the rewards you get from lvl 45, 55 and 65 can be transferred to your main by asking a friend or something. The sandbags you get will sell for a lot very fast.


On the website, you might get surveys that give you free points so keep checking every day to see if you can get some. I have only earnt a bit over 100 points from it but it depends on where you live. You can also do the offers but some might not work so just wait for the surveys .

Take everything!!!!

When you kill monsters, take everything they drop and sell them to an NPC. You can make about 20k from training to get exp or helping a friend and sometimes the monsters will drop equipment that will sell for a good amount.


Set up a stall to sell old equipment or junk items that others might need. A good time to set stall is when you go AFK (away from keyboard) to go out or if you are having dinner. Some good places to stall are at Argent Bar (PvP), Argent Teleporter and near the fountain.

Fairy Coin Chests

Opening the chests can give you good rewards! If you have a pet, you will get Fairy Coins in your temporary bag. There is a low chance of getting a refining gem from the chest but it is possible because i got one once . You get the chest from the Gift Giver at the Icicle Fountain and you open the chest in Icicle too. The coins needed to open goes like this: 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 99, 99, 99, etc. It starts back at 15 the next day. The items you get from it are refining gems (rare), health poions, sp potions, tickets, bombs, blueprints, fairy items and more. You should stall these items as they are quite good.

Hex items

It is slow but can earn you a bit. Selling Wood, Iron Ore, Sashimi, Super Candy Sticks and Elven Signets on Saturdays will sell fast. These items are needed for hex! You can get free Elven Signets from your fairy and sell them for a fair amount. Don't open the Fairy Lord's chest with them because they don't give very good items.

Guild Wars

I haven't been in many but if your guild wins the war, you will get a chest that gives you some good items. I only got 300k from it but other people got Chaos Bonus Books from it and some summoning scrolls. Speak to your guild leader to ask if he could organise a guild war or if there is one on.

Selling Language Barrier Quest Items

A friend told me about this way of making money. First, you must have a Sea Voy and then you go kill the monsters that drop the LB quest items. You can find a guide to show you the co-ordinates. Then you can sell the items for a good amount in a stall. (30-40k each on Rainbow Isle).

Heaven Berry's

Some people that reach lvl 20 will sell the HB's. Buy it from them for cheap because most of them sell for cheap. Then sell it for a higher price. If you have a disciple, they might even give you the HB for free. In Rainbow Isle, some people sell the HB to me for 80k or 100k and then i sell it at 150k. Some guy even set up a stall and he sold it to me for 1k . You can also buy low and sell high for other items such as CA equips and wings. Unseal lv 45 crusader items are good too. Buy them for 400k and then sell for 500k.

Story Quest

Keep doing the Story Quests until you get the 2nd refining gem voucher that is lvl 2! The best rewards are in order: Refining gem lvl 1, 15 Heaven berrys, Refining gem lvl 2 and Charmed Berrys. If you are bored, I recommend doing these quests.

Here is the Story Quest guide:


You will need to have loads of money first before you make a maze character. Your character must be overgemmed and then you can go!!! All the money that you spend on making him will be made up when you kill a monster and mabye get a refining gem or unique gems (e.g. gem of rage). The chests you get can be sold to other players or you can open them. In Dark Swamp, you might even get Goddess' Favour which you can go to heaven and get a lv 70 stone I think.


I have never malled before but I think this is the fastest way to make money. Many people sell IMPs (Item mall points) for money such as 300k each. Also, playing the points wheel for 16 points will give you prizes that you can sell. If you want to, buy points.

Aries Quest and Taurus Quest

When you take these quests, choose the Captain difficulty. Find a guide to tell you where the NPC's are and to help you complete this. The Aries quest is at Thundoria and the Taurus Quest is at Icicle. This is very slow and if you have the time do it. It's not really a good way but at the end, (if you picked Captain) you will get a chest that gives you an awesome looking apparel for your character type. You can sell these or fuse it, use it, then sell when you don't need it anymore. Also, I think it gives you some kind of amplifier at the end.

Farming Blurry Blueprints

Blurry Blueprints are a good way to make some quick money.
Now your wondering: Where to get level 1 blurry blueprints? Elks have one of the best drop rates (10%) at only level 14
Pricing: They can normally be sold for 3,000 gold each blueprint (around 300,000 per stack)
Elk location: 835, 308 through 935, 358 icicle

Going To Forsaken City To Farm

I suggest that this is only done for level 45s who can kill the monsters in Forsaken City because those are the ones that give the refining gems. Killing chests in Forsaken City can also be good money for lower levels. Especially if the chest drops a mystic chest (it has a 10% chance in doing so) because they can generally be sold for 50,000-80,000 gold depending on the server you are on.

Make Ancient Generator Then Sell To Other People

To make ancient generator see guide above
Ancient generators normally cost 15,000-50,000 gold to sell depending on server, try selling at 30,000 gold first until you can find out the price of the ancient generators

Note: Can be made by Little Daniel (Argent City, 2193,2730) with the following:

* 10x Robot Core
* 5,000 G


Manufacturing is a good way to make some money without putting any money out. Therefore,there is no risk that your money will ever be lost. You will only gain money.

How To Manufacture:

Step 1. Do story quest until you have 1 life skill point
Step 2. Buy the skill manufacturing and learn it
Step 3. Gather blurry blueprints
Step 4. When you feel like you have enough blurry blueprints, open them
Step 5. Look for a good blueprint that you would like to make, make sure it is manufacturing( the best manufacturing items to sell are ship atomizers, ship accelerators, mirage generators, and sandbags)
Step 6. Gather all the required ingredients and bring them to 876, 3648 Magical Ocean with the tool that was given to you when you learned the skill manufacturing
Step 7. Also bring a fairy with the skill novice manufacturing learned
Step 8. Talk to the giant green machine and place all items in the correct spots
Step 9. Press start and do not press stop until it stops it for you (this will make it automatically perfect, a perfect gives 4 of the item instead of possibly failing or getting less than 4)

Peace out Big Smile

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Is this just copied and pasted lol
No, he wrote this fresh. It's called being a community and sharing information. Try 'er out. Smile
Have a nice day.

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Nice Guide. I like to farm in FC and use sand bag lv 1 with a full party of disciple in 3x xp.
he got lv 20, i just do the swordsman quest and take a lot of hb. 1 hour i make 500k, its nice and easy just boring =)
I prefer to PvP Smile I never farm or anything like that.. but i know the methods. Thanks for the great comment by the way.
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(05-26-2011, 03:16 PM)Dr.Mundo Wrote: I prefer to PvP Smile I never farm or anything like that.. but i know the methods. Thanks for the great comment by the way.

You make money winning pvps? o_o
Perhaps he means Chaos Argent or something. Mundo, do you want to explain a bit to the forum on how you do it? A new thread is fine Wink

Have a nice day.

Please check the Announcements and News section of the forum, there are great events and important news waiting for you.

Please register and check the site regularly for updates. Please bookmark us! Thank-you very much!
You misunderstood me x.x.. Im poor because I am too lazy to farm or to do anything like that. I like it to PvP but I dont earn money because i fight against other players of course.. >.>

But you can make money with winning matches. Just bet with them Tongue
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and how you make money lol? o,o
Im farming hexa items with 2-3 clients sometimes..
[Image: 123sr.png]
hmm.. with 2-3 clients is a good idea!

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