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Tales of Pirates Swordsman Leveling Guide
Welcome to my tales of pirates swordsman leveling guide!

Let's get started!

From level 1 to your first job advancement, do quests around Argent City. Feel free to kill more mods then you need to.

Forest Spirits will bring great experience until level 5.
[Image: Forest_Spirit.jpg]

Mini Bee is the next monster you will want to hunt.
[Image: Mini_Bee.jpg]
Mini Bees are found at 2059, 2753.

Next, you can hunt level 8 Cuddly Lambs!
[Image: Cuddly_Lamb.jpg]
Be careful when hunting because there are some level 15 monsters around here that are aggressive and will kill you time and time again if you don't watch out!

Next, kill Piglets.
[Image: Piglet.jpg]
They are level 10, and you will need to hunt these for your Swordsman promotion quest. They are found at: 1950, 2563

Now that you are a swordsman, hunt Bear Cub for as long as you want, probably level 15 or so.
[Image: Bear_Cub.jpg]
These are found just south of Silver Mine Haven at 1905, 2853.

Now you can hunt some Angelic Pandas! They are level 17 and use range attacks so watch out!
[Image: Angelic_Panda.jpg]
1655, 2563

At level 20 or so, I would head south of the pandas to the Killer Shrooms. And by the name of killer, I do mean killer! They are aggressive and you must be very careful hunting here!
[Image: Killer_Shroom.jpg]

Once you are level 25 or so, head over to Silver Mine Haven and teleport to Andes Haven. Head south a bit of the Haven, and remember to record spawn point! Find the Bandits.
[Image: Bandit.jpg]

Train off bandits until you can kill Rookie Boxeroo which give you lots of experience!
[Image: Rookie_Boxeroo.jpg]

Now, you can hunt Mad Boar until you are level 34+.
[Image: Mad_Boar.jpg]

Now, head back to Silver Mine Haven and travel North, into the mine. Find a party and get some people, preferably a healer or 2 and start traveling around the mine killing.

You will then become a Crusader. This concludes my tales of pirates swordsman leveling guide! I hope to see you active and posting around the forum. I will be posting more helpful guides in the future!

Have fun!
Have a nice day.

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