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Tales of Pirates Demonic World Map
Here is a tales of pirates demonic world map for all of you to use!

Tales of Pirates Demonic World Map 1

[Image: demonic1duo.jpg]

Defense needed to tank: 560
Dodge needed to avoid: 360

Tales of Pirates Demonic World Map 2

[Image: demonic2duo.gif]

Defense needed to tank: 680
Dodge needed to avoid: 380

List of Drops in Demonic World

Common Drops
Crystal of Nimbleness, Crystal of Enchantment, Heart of Sorrow, Naiad Stone, Heart of Misery, Demonic Giant Blade, Demonic Giant Stick, Spirit Elixir, Necklace of Snowman Warlord


Ja Runestone, Tef Runestone, Kal Runestone, Ter Runestone, Fa Runestone, Fel Runestone

Fiery Gem, Furious Gem, Shining Gem, Glowing Gem, Spirit Gem, Explosive Gem, Lustrious Gem, Refining Gem

Beautiful Chest, Evanescence Chest of all classes (Maze equip lvl50), Enigma Chest of all classes (Maze equip lvl60), Chest of Demonic World (Sealed equip lvl55), Chest of Enigma (Sealed equip lv65)

Invocation Blueprint, Fairy Box

Rue wood log

Emerald Fragment, Shimmering Rock Fragment, Silver Ore Eolith, Gold Ore Eolith
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DW is freaking bored coz refine drop so less.. :p

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