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E-mail Marketing?
Hello guys....!I have many e-mail address and i want to start E-mail Marketing tell me how to start ? how to buy email server to send lots of email ....? Your suggestions will be highly appreciated....!
Very good and dependable company. The company was able to meet my rush deadline w/ good services and pricing. Sales people were very helpful, courteous, and professional. Prices were more than reasonable for the excellent service provided. Quotes were explained in details. No hidden or last minutes surprised charges. Very happy and satisfied with this company.

11Special Offers for Various Businesses
E-Currency Exchange Providers
If your financial activities involve dealing in e-currencies and you have practical experience in the field of electronic payments, this is a great opportunity for you to become our Certified Partner and also participate in referral bonus programme described above.
Each new user whose first operation employed your services becomes your registered referral (in the absence of a previous referrer).
E-Commerce Sites/Merchants
We offer excellent services for online merchants, both big and small, including those representing famous brands. We are ready to give you the best possible terms and conditions, as well as exceptional service. In addition to quality payment processing, you will receive handsome bonuses for attracting new users (see above)!
Each new user whose first operation was a purchase in your shop becomes your registered referral (in the absence of a previous referrer).
If you would like to use OKPAY as your payment system, please drop us a line »
E-Commerce System Developers
If you are developing an e-commerce system, just create and activate a module for accepting OKPAY payments -- in return you will receive referral payments for each new user you have attracted. This module, once implemented, will be a source of practically endless stable income.
Because users of e-commerce systems, as opposed to ordinary surfers of the web, tend to generate a much larger amount of sales/transactions, your referral benefits will be that much greater! »
Popular websites, blog or forum owners, etc.
With our know-how, you will not even have to write posts with a special referral link. Instead, all visitors from your resource will automatically become your referrals.
All you have to do is create the appropriate sections on your forum about our payment system. Any users who will come to us from your website/blog/forum (judging by their HTTP_referer), regardless of who wrote the text, will become your referrals! »
Country Representatives
For companies with a highly popular web resourse in a given country, we have a very special offer -- the status of a country representative.

Email allow you to personalize your messages and greet every person you're sending the email to. You should only collect the names of your prospects and your email campaign software will certainly replace the field name with a real recipient's name.
Email marketing is a reliable way to advertise and promote ,Its very saving way to marketing,you can switch directly to the user and the user is just a click away from your website.Simply EM has defined comprehensively here and its a valid way to communicate.
It comes under affiliate marketing.Its the best source to get the attention through e-mails.We can get the intentions of maximum people on web.
thank you for the info
The topic for this thread may be email marketing, but the cons need to be addressed as well. Email marketing is not as straightforward and simple as one may think because your ads will definitely go directly to trash folders many times before a random user decides to see what's in your email. It's perfectly all right to use email marketing as your strategy, but you might also want to support it with social media marketing and forum marketing. This way, you pull out all stops.
How they print your business cards: Video
Doning email marketing never be irrelative with getting email lsits.By creating your personal e-mail mailing list, you should send newsletter to a large or small group of recipients. By this way, the latest news about products can shared by those who have the interest in the topic.How to make reasonable email lists
1.Collect the e-mail addresses of your recipients.
2.Open your e-mail program and save these names as a group.
3.Open a new message and address it to yourself.
4. Minimize Clicks to Subscribe
5. Get More Out of Your Opt-In Form by Offering a Special Deal to New Subscribers
iKode newsletter software is an Opt-in email marketing, which can ensure the high quality of email marketing service. Hope it can help u.


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