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VIP Information
* Can give reputation to people
* Access all the forum topics except admin forum
* Can buy and sell programs in market place
* Can change username
* Extended inbox storage
* Extended Private Message Recipients
* Download attachments
* Rate Threads
* Post polls
* Upload attachments
* Can delete own posts
* Can delete own threads
* Can delete own attachments
* Many more benefits

Purchasing VIP
Our charge is $49 for a lifetime membership.
We are no longer selling monthly memberships.
To order, please PM me. We accept Paypal.
We no longer use scripts in the process as it is a very delicate process.
We plan to raise our prices in the future so please don't blame me if you don't get the $49 deal.

Free VIP
If you obtain 20 reputation, you will receive a lifetime VIP membership.
The number of reputation may raise at any time.
This is an automatic process that the system does so after 20 reputation, you have no waiting. If you have more than 20 reputation and do not have VIP, please PM me.
Reputation is given by VIP members, mods and administrators if you have done something good for the forum. For example, you have written a long tutorials for this forum, and this forum only, you might receive reputation. Asking for reputation will only make you lose reputation. So just be nice to other members and write good tutorials and the reputation will come sooner or later.

Have a nice day.

Please check the Announcements and News section of the forum, there are great events and important news waiting for you.

Please register and check the site regularly for updates. Please bookmark us! Thank-you very much!
Nice. I'm new here,
Im new here too, hoping to find some good stuff.
oh hi im new u guys accept payment from western union coz underage cant hav paypal hehe
looks good. hoping to be vip someday lol

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