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Tales of Pirates Auto howl
Tales of Pirates - Auto Howl

1. CarsiseHowler.exe
2. CarsiseMultiHowler.exe

1. Carsise Howler.exe

It is good for:
- making Money
- leveling

This bot can be minimized. It doesn't take over your keyboard so you can continue working on something else.

2. Carsise Multi Howler.exe

It is good for:
- making Money with more characters
- leveling with more characters

this is the same howler but can be used with a multiple window. This changes the window title when the bot is started, this enables you to open another account and bot again for another account.

Champion Bot (multi-window) - quick instruction

1. Open client, and login
2. Place your character where you want to bot
3. Open CarsiseHowler.exe
4. Set the howling interval
5. Click Start (to bot with another account just Repeat the steps)

How can i bot with this program on privat servers?

[Image: howchange.png]
1. Press Edit on the auto howl program
2. Put the name of the server into the marked white column

Download link:
Carsise Howler.exe

Made by: wildspirit
[Image: 123sr.png]
This goes to show that you don't need to use C++ to make a decent program, VB does it fine.
Have a nice day.

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why i can't download it?
Hm.. thats strange. I can download it.
[Image: 123sr.png]
you can auto howl with wpepro better
Why u need Auto Howl or Auto Magma if u can do zone auto-attacks using those skills the same way as attacking bags with voy??? Considering Howl on F1: Press F1 then Ctrl+Shift+Click. Voy does it and i think SS does that too. So before u download anything that may be harmfull to ur accounts, make sure u try everything. At least that's my way of doing things!
plz someone send me all top2 tweaks
I can download it... thanks

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