Forum Announcement: The Spamming Needs To Stop
[Image: dzctwp.jpg]

Spamming is wrong and illegal. But you don't think I can catch you eh? The easiest method to catch you will work with 75% of you. All of your ip addresses are logged, so I can figure out where you are now, where you registered, all the different places you have connected from and other information.

Rules for spam:
-Make sure posts make sense and do not pack your post with short forms like "lol". You shouldn't use it more than once or twice in your post.
-Post in the right section, if you are posting about Runescape, find the runescape section to post in. Same goes for all topics.

Now, I don't want you all be too scared to post, I am just saying it needs to stop. An example of a quality post would be: "Hello, I am new too. I hope we have a great time here. Bye for now."

That's fine, and does not contain spam. Smile

Have a good day.